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The Red Light Lab

The Red Light Lab is dedicated to the latest scientific innovation. Our comprehensive range includes portable handheld devices, RLT panels and larger industrial scale devices.
We offer red light therapy solutions for everyone; whether you are seeking faster recovery, skin improvements, stress reduction, hair loss mitigation or just looking to optimise your wellbeing, TRLL is here for you ♥️



Panels use four essential LED wavelengths for various wellness aspects:

  1. 630nm & 660nm red lights target skin rejuvenation and collagen production.
  2. 810nm & 830nm near-infrared lights promote cellular repair and ease muscle discomfort.
  3. 850nm wavelength provides a holistic therapy experience.
  4. Infrared light therapy penetrates tissues, offering soothing effects.

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Lady wearing red light therapy belt for period pain


Therapy Belts:

  • Target cellular rejuvenation, releacing body pains
  • secure around body areas for targeted relief
  • reduce inflammation and enhance blood circulation
  • Combine Bio Light LED, pain relief + chromotherapy
  • Use Bio Light LED with 660nm and 850nm wavelengths for pain relief and healing
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Lady stretching on red light therapy yoga mat


Red Light Therapy Mat:

  • Features dual-wavelength LED lights at 850nm and 660nm for proven results
  • Stimulates cellular activity, collagen production, and natural healing
  • Addresses wellness goals including skincare, fitness, and mindfulness
  • Doubles as a fitness and yoga companion, enhancing workouts
  • creates a healing environment for mindfulness during yoga
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Red Light Therapy Panel in use

What is The Red Light Lab?

A pioneering company at the nexus of science and wellness, The Red Light Lab employs red and near-infrared light to catalyze cellular functions, promoting holistic well-being and vitality.

Which region are the power adaptors for ?

The product you receive will have an adaptor specific to the country in which you have ordered from.

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy leverages specific light wavelengths to invigorate cells, triggering benefits such as improved skin health, reduced inflammation, and enhanced mood.

What sets The Red Light Lab apart?

It blends cutting-edge science with user-friendly devices, offering portable tools and full-body panels that democratize red light therapy.

Who benefits from this therapy?

Athletes, skin conditions sufferers, and those pursuing overall wellness can all gain from The Red Light Lab's products.

What are its key features?

Advanced LED tech ensures precise wavelength emission. Backed by evidence, they educate users and offer tailored solutions. A supportive community enhances the experience.

What's our future outlook?

Positioned at the vanguard of red light innovation, The Red Light Lab aims to expand offerings based on research and feedback, amplifying accessibility.

Is red light therapy natural?

Absolutely, utilizing light for bodily healing aligns with holistic principles, offering a non-invasive avenue to well-being.

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