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Red Light Therapy Panel - Large

Red Light Therapy Panel - Large

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Introducing the Large Red Light Therapy Panel

Versatile Applications 💥

  • Accelerate muscle recovery and reduce pain.
  • Improve skin health, reduce wrinkles, and enhance complexion.
  • Support joint health for a more active lifestyle.
  • Enhance overall vitality and well-being.
  • Promote relaxation and reduce stress.


  • Irradiance: 212mw/cm2 @ surface
  • Wavelength: red light 660nm & near-infrared light 850nm
  • LEDs and lasers: 240pcs 3W/5W
  • Size: 39.4x8.3x2.6 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year

Key Features 🌟

Expansive Treatment Area: The large dimensions make it ideal for comprehensive therapy sessions, covering more ground for effective results.

Multispectrum Power: Experience the transformative benefits of five distinct wavelengths, each optimized to address specific wellness needs.

Sleek and Portable: Despite its size, this panel is designed for versatility, allowing you to enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your home or wherever you need them.

Customizable Healing: Tailor your therapy sessions with adjustable settings, including wavelength and intensity.

Natural and Non-Invasive: Embrace a drug-free, non-invasive solution to enhance your overall health and well-being.

How It Works ⚙️

Position the Large Red Light Therapy Panel as needed, select your preferred wavelength (630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, or 850nm), and allow the healing light to penetrate deep into your cells. It stimulates regeneration processes, enhances circulation, and optimizes your body's innate ability to heal.

Elevate Your Wellness with Multispectrum Red Light Therapy

Unlock the secrets to optimal health and vitality with a spectrum of healing wavelengths. Red light therapy is renowned for its ability to stimulate cellular repair, enhance circulation, and promote the body's natural healing processes. With our Large Panel, you can harness the full potential of multispectrum wavelengths for a wide range of wellness benefits.

Revolutionize Your Wellness with Multispectrum Wavelengths

Are you ready to experience the full potential of red light therapy on a larger scale? Our Large Red Light Therapy Panel, measuring 100cm by 21cm by 6.5cm and boasting a diverse range of wavelengths (630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm), is designed to empower you with a comprehensive approach to rejuvenation, recovery, and overall well-being.



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Customer Reviews

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Life changing

Loved the Panels, use this after the gym and have seen great recovery results!

Deleted user