Business Customers

How The Red Light Lab Can Benefit Your Business?

We believe that every skincare clinic deserves the opportunity to shine, not just with radiant skin but also with thriving business prospects.

Welcome to "The Red Light Lab," where cutting-edge technology meets skincare excellence, transforming clinics into beacons of beauty and wellness.

Our goal? To ensure your clients have access to the very best in red light therapy solutions. We proudly offer top-tier devices, not only of exceptional quality but also at more budget-friendly prices than our competitors.

When you join forces with us, you're not just acquiring best-in-class commercial red light devices; you're also opening up a world of opportunities to stock and resell our premium products.

We're an up-and-coming brand, and we're excited to extend to you the exclusive chance to partner with us. Together, we'll illuminate the skincare world like never before!


  • B2B Discounted Pricing

    We offer a range of commercial red light therapy products. If you are purchasing for business use, we can offer you discounted pricing.

  • Referral Programs

    If you refer our products to your customers, we can set up a commission structure so you get paid upon a purchase. This would also extend to any online promotions or referrals of our brand that lead to sales.

  • Stock Our Items

    We are always looking to expand our partnerships, and would love to have you as a stockist. If you would like to sell our products, we would also give a discount for purchases.

  • Online Partnerships

    As an extension on the referral program, an online partnership would mean promotions of your brand across our social media platforms and, website.